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Please continue to read us heh. 

Tuesday 8 January 2019

Beauty in the Pot at SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands.

I am a big huge fan of steamboat. I just love, really love drinking hot soup and no better way to drink hot soup (that will not turn cold fast) other than steamboat style.he - not so much.

We had a quick family trip to Genting Highlands few weeks back and we decided to go try Beauty in the Pot. We went to book in the morning but they were not taking any more bookings. Turns out, it's been fully booked for the entire month of December. They asked us to try walk-in during the evening and maybe got place to cater to us (5 adults and 2 kids).

True enough, we walked in and we got a table to ourselves.

We walked into the restaurant and there were so many empty tables, but there was a long line outside waiting for don't know what.

I have no idea if this is part of a marketing strategy of some sort, but the entire time we were there eating, the tables remained empty and the line kept getting longer. I don't get it. At least got an indoor playground to entertain the kids while waiting and complimentary juice and snacks for people outside. Not so bad la I guess.

Anyways, I was beyond excited that we finally got to try this. I have been seeing friends having this 'malat' steamboat (mainly in Singapore) called Hai Di Lao Hotpot and I've always wanted to try cos I love steamboat, remember?

So, here's a fun fact: Hai Di Lao and Beauty in the Pot are competitors. Like these two are the only ones people talk about most of the time. And although I've heard (and read) that these steamboats are overpriced, I've also seen many people going back to it.

So, when I finally got to try it for myself, I was super happy.

Although it was a bit tough to enjoy steamboat with a 7-months old (at that time) but we managed because he slept through most part of it. Heh.

Okay so here goes.

There are 6 types of soup base that you can choose from and there are 3 different kind of pots you can have.

They have a single pot (1-soup), twinspot (2-soups) and quart pots(4-soups). Initially, we understood (from our lack of Mandarin language please) that having 2 different soups is almost the same price as having 4 different ones. So, of course we chose to have quart pot so we can try more soups.

Turns out the price is not the same. Not even close okay.

It is about RM13-RM15 per broth, so if you chose 4 broths, then the total would be about RM60 (assuming all 4-broths are at RM15 each - and yes, broths are refillable). So if you choose 2-broths it will cost about RM30 only okay. Heh.

Lesson is we should learn more about Mandarin language, if not our understanding macam ini lo ya. Hah.

But no regrets please.

Here are the 6 types of soup:

  • Beauty Collagen Broth
  • Spicy Nourishing Malat Broth
  • Herbal Drunken Chicken Broth
  • Longevity Wild Mushroom Broth
  • Cooling Coconut Broth
  • Vitamin C Tomato Sweet Corn Broth
We took the first 4 broths and ordered the ingredients using a tablet (one for every table). The ingredients are more expensive compared to other normal steamboats, but this is not a normal steamboat, now is it. Hah. 

My favorite soup has to be the Spicy Nourishing Malat Broth because unlike the common Tomyam soup that can be found in most steamboat place, the malat taste is just so ngam with my tongue. The, the Beauty Collagen Broth comes second because I want to be more beautiful. Heh. The taste of the soup is very comforting and so yummy to the tongue. The broth is white in color and after reading about it, apparently it's cooked with shark cartilage as one of the main ingredient as the beauty booster. So hm. 

The mushroom and herbal soup also very yummy please - but more common. 

 He says: Surprisingly good! All 4 types of the soup has its own special taste! So would say, try all of them! Maybe the weather contributed to the overall experience. Who doesn't like having steamboat on a cold weather right?
She says: The next time I visit Beauty in the Pot, for sure I'm going to order the Spicy Nourishing Malat and Beauty Collagen Soup and drink to my hearts' content. I love it! I don't love the price and I feel like memang very expensive but what to do when you love it wor. Now, my steamboat experience macam different level d - how can I enjoy single pot steamboat from now onwards? Hah. 

Also, they have a bar of sauces and fruits that you can take (buffet style) if you pay additional of RM6.80 per person. And if your table has like 5 adults, they will charge you for all 5 adults regardless or not if the others want to take sauces and/or fruits. 

We told them we didn't want it. Who needs sauce when you have Malat soup already? Heh. Kiddinggg. But as I go through the receipts now, I realized they actually charged us RM6.80 per person! And we didn't even like go take the sauce or fruits also. APADEI. 

Anyways, here are the ingredients that we ordered that day. Oh, and also if you order Luo Han Guo (or another option cannot remember), it's refillable at RM8.90 per glass. We ordered 2 since can refill. Heh. #penanglang

Beauty Collagen Broth = RM15

Spicy Nourishing Malat Broth = RM15
Herbal Drunken Chicken Broth = RM15
Longevity Wild Mushroom Broth = RM13

2- Lua Han Guo (refillable) = RM17.80


2 - fried beancurd skin = RM44
1 - sliced chicken thigh = RM13.50
1 - pork and chives dumpling = RM10
1- soft bone pork meatballs = RM12
1 - enoki mushroom = RM8
2 - fried fish skin = RM22
1 - sliced pork belly = RM17.50
1 = nagano pork belly = RM24
1 - spicy sliced pork = RM15
2 - la mian = RM11.60
1 - golden taro = RM8
1 - chinese cabbage = RM7
2 - baby chinese spinach = RM14

Condiments (which we specifically said don't want - maybe our Mandarin language barrier again ha) = RM34
10% service charge = RM 31.64
6% service tax (okay their service is very good except for the misunderstanding I guess) = RM18.98

Yuze ice blended = Complimentary!

GRAND TOTAL OF RM367 (about RM73.40 per adult) - five of us. 

With this price, you can of course enjoy endless buffet spread at Tao but then, you won't have hot broths to enjoy it with. Heh. And to have it at Genting is even more perfect because hot steamboat with cold weather? Oh please - take my money. Hah. 

And if you go dine at after 10:30pm, you get 20% discounts with limited ingredients available to you of course. But come to think about it, it could be an even nicer experience since it will be way colder at night than when the sun is still up. Although most ingredients will probably be out of stock by then. Oh wells. 

No idea if Hai Di Lao is gonna be as nice or nicer. Or more competitive in terms of price. But I cannot wait to try when it opens in Gurney Paragon! Time to save some moolahs and stomach space for another malat steamboat session.

Beauty in the Pot at SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands
Opens daily from 12pm till 2am
Take the separate escalator up to the restaurant from Level 4 of SkyAvenue

Price: Very expensive. 

Monday 28 August 2017

Random Food-Stuffs from Australia!

Hello everyone!

We visited Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane end of May this year and a few things caught our curiosity - more like hers.

Things that we have not seen and tasted before, this time we would like to share it.

Most of you may have seen it many times already but oh wells.. It was our first Australian trip, hence the over -excited feel :)

Here goes.

Watermelon flavored Mentos - LIMITED EDITION 
He says: Really like this one! Brings me back to my younger days!
She says: I love this one! Not a fruit-person, but this one tasted so really watermelon-ish. Very refreshing after. 

Vacuum-packed cheddar cheese (given by Singapore Airlines)
He says: Nah! Not a cheese fan! 
She says: For cheese lovers, you may like this. Very convenient to keep in the handbag and eat it when you get stranded on a island. Heh. For me, it's a no-no. 

Continental's Asian Laksa 'Soup'
He says: I think just by the looks you how geli it is. Looks like maggots wei! and the taste is just geli!
She says:It tasted nothing like laksa at all. Some reviews (online) said that is is so flavorful and delicious. PLEASE. IT WAS HORRIBLE. It's one of the most disgusting 'soup' I have ever tasted. Never again. 

Arnott's Coconut & Lychee TimTam
He says: Not nice.. too sweet!
She says: I love coconut and I love lychee so I thought that this would be pretty nice since combo of two things I love. Umm, nah. Not my kind of flavor. I prefer them separately. Heh.

Choco & Mint Mentos
He says: Must try!!! Taste a bit like Andes.
She says: I was super excited to try this one okay. I thought it was very unique, no idea why. It tasted like a local sweet that we have in Malaysia. Very similar to the one that Cadbury produced. Pretty okay. 

Can we go to Australia again so we can try more new food stuffs! Hah. We would be doing this whenever we travel overseas or whenever we see new stuff that catches our attention. 

This is how we 'lose weight'. Hah. 

Saturday 12 August 2017

Daily Dose Cafe at Stewart Lane, Penang.

We are back!

Yes, this time for real. We have taken such a looooong break from food-blogging just because we got lazy. No other excuses whatsoever. 

We became lazier and impatient. Everytime the food arrives, we no longer have the patience to 'find' nice lighting and snap photos. All we wanted to do was dive right into it, and we did for the many months ago. 

Now that we have came out from that box, we decided that this shall be a thing again. 

After all, we do enjoy (a lot) on eating and spending time with our friends, so yeah. 

Also, we realized that cafe's food nowadays are so pricey. 

Anyways, we took a weekend morning to this cafe that was introduced by a dear friend, Nick and we decided to bring the entire family there. 

Just a note that we both are not big fans of overly-priced cafe food especially on breakfast because we orang cina, we prefer dim sums and hokkien mee. Hah. 

Enjoy our first post after the absolutely long silence yeah. 

The Big Breakfast - RM20
He says: Pretty good but nothing to shout about..
She says:The portion is enough for a man, but I think needs two women to share it. I think the price isn't too bad considering that the portion is pretty big. It tasted pretty standard, like nothing unusually yummy about it. 

House BLT - RM14
He says: Gotta be one of the best BLT I have ever had! Actually it is not BLT. It's BELT - Bacon Egg Lettuce and Tomatoes! HAHA.
She says: I ordered this because I wanted to eat something that do not require any cutting. The name itself gave me idea that it's a sandwich but it came out as the deconstructed kind of sandwich. Surprised I was because I was feeling sandwich-ish that morning. Heh. Anyways, the rocket leaves go very well with the sesame seed dressing that they put o the bread. The eggs and bacon was standard. Overall, this dish was very yummy. My favorite I can say. 

French Toast - RM12
He says: I would go back there to have this again!
She says: This was just okay for me. Nutella spread inside the bread was too little I feel. Could hardly taste it. It's a very standard dessert kind of dish. You may like this if you're a dessert person. You can probably give better reviews than both of us. 

Daily Dose Cafe at Stewart Lane, Penang.
Price: Expensive

His rating: 7/10
Her rating: 6.5/10

Friday 7 October 2016

It's Not Gone!


So we suddenly realized that we've been missing from this page since May and that's not okay.

We are going into our second week of being married, and while we still have so much on our hands to settle (money is the biggest headache no doubt), we have decided to try and come back to this blog, and share with all you faithful (most likely you just happen to drop by) readers what we have been eating, loving or hating and what we would highly recommend to you guys.

Millions of apologies for leaving this blog so dead for close to 5 months, and I feel so bad ohmigosh.

We will do whatever we can to revive this place and be more hardworking to take photos of food before diving our face right into it.



Tuesday 17 May 2016

Our Buy at Groupon via ShopBack!

Hello citizens of earth! 

We are back and this time, we have something that you all will like! Confirm ALL of you sure use before!

It's this thing called online shopping. 

Now, we know some of you out there can get pretty addicted to online shopping because all you need is your eyes, a credit card and a good functioning mouse. He can tell you all about it because he could spend hours in front of the screen looking for the perfect fan for our future room. 

Speaking of that, yes we are getting married (if you did not already know that) in four months' time and we are currently doing a 'minor' renovation on our future room. 

Okay, back to this online shopping thing. 

I must tell you that whenever we want to try a restaurant out, we would usually head over to Groupon to see if they already have certain set meals and cash vouchers that we could purchase. At this point of our life, we will try to save as much money as we can. 

That is why we would like to share with you all our experience with this online shopping tool called ShopBack. 

Shopback is a cashback site that rewards your online shopping. I KNOW RIGHT. 

If you are a follower of her personal blog, you would already know that she is one the biggest fan of using Shopback whenever she needs to buy something online; be it an airplane ticket, booking hotel for holidays or getting meal vouchers. 

ShopBack is like a third party website where it helps you to earn cash rebate as you shop in various websites such as Groupon, Expedia, Zalora, Sephora and so much more. You can even earn cash rebate with internet providers' brand like Time. 

We kid you not. 

Click here to see her real experience with the part where she earns back her cash rebates. 

We love it so much that we used ShopBack to purchase the new air-conditioner and 2 fans for our house. The great thing is that when we shop via ShopBack, we do not only earn cash rebate, but we are also entitled to the respective website's discount promotion. For our case, we got extra 5% discount using the UOB credit card in Lazada, and after that we received the cash rebate in our ShopBack account. That is madness savings I tell you. 

It's very easy to earn these cash rebates as you shop via ShopBack. 

The first step you need to do is to sign up for an account with ShopBack. If you want, you may sign up with this link and automatically you will receive RM5 on your first purchase. 

Then, head over to ShopBacks' Homepage and look through the categories to find the brand website that you would like to go to. 

For us obviously, we will go look under the F&B category so that we may enjoy the best food promotions because who doesn't like promotions man. 

Click on the brand and ShopBack will direct you to the website you desire. As long as you shop on the website that is directed via ShopBack, you will be guaranteed a certain percentage of discount. 

Brands like Star Newspaper, Malaysia Airlines, Foodpanda, Zalora, Crabtree & Evelyn, Olympus, Panasonic, Tesco, Royal Selangor, Lazada, Cotton On, Manchester United, Sephora, Taobao and the list goes on and on. 

It's practically 'you name it, they've got it' kind of website. 

Nah, go watch this video if you do not like to read or you got even more confused reading us. Heh. You're most welcome! :)

I don't know about you, but online shopping is just never as painful anymore with ShopBack. 

We decided to buy a meal voucher at Groupon via ShopBack so that we could review on the food on this particular restaurant as well.

Get cashback on Groupon deals, like seriously. We already bookmarked the website FYI. Heh. 

So, you guys gotta stay tuned to see what meal voucher we bought through ShopBack! 

Lastly, thank you ShopBack for your lovely invitation to review on ShopBack! :)

Till then! 

Monday 11 April 2016

Restoran Lan Je at Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

Now this is one interesting food experience that we had during one of our quick getaway to KL. 

One person gets one fish, literally. 

This is quite a great find as everyone knows that steamed fish dish is not a cheap dish when it comes to having a few-courses Chinese meal with your family or friends. It is often one of the expensive items where people usually would not order if budget is a thing. 

However, at this restaurant, everyone is supposed to get a steamed fish each. It could be because of the price. 

The price is depending on the tilapia fish that they get that particular day and it ranges from RM15-RM20, if I am not mistaken. 

His sister brought us to one of their cawangan, and we both fell in love with the whole concept of it. The place is usually packed with humans too okay. 

They do have other chinese dishes that people normally order. Not everyone who eats there will order one fish each. Some will order 2 plates of steamed fish, a plate of meat and vege dish and that's for dinner. 

No, they do not have variety style of cooking the fish. Only one standard style - steam. I think if not mistaken, its teochew style. 

 He says: Fulahhhhh! I really like this steamed fish! The taste of ginger is really strong though. I guess it is to cover the fishy smell. Another must try in KL!
She says: I am never big fan of fish and I rarely crave for fish-dish, especially steamed kind of fish. I tried this once and now I look forward to my next trip to KL, just so I can have this again. The steamed sauce is really tasty. It's almost like teochew style but this one tastes a lot better with the chopped ginger and cilipadi. You can opt to have it done less spicy. LOVE THIS DISH!

Restoran Lan Je at Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

- Jalan USJ1, Regalia Business Centre, Subang Jaya
- Jalan Kasturi 3, Off Jalan Balakong, Selangor
- Desa Aman Puri
- Jalan Setia Rawang 1
Price: Quite cheap


His rating: 8/10
Her rating: 9/10

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Huong Que Vietnamese Restaurant at Lebuh Melaka.

We are one of those people who fell in love with food items once we've been to the particular country and tasted their original local foods. 

It is no surprise that when we came back from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam not too long ago, we were craving so badly for their local iced coffee, pho and banh mi!

One of the usual Vietnamese Restaurant that we usually go to when we have such cravings is this

A good friend told us about a place that he thought was better than the one that we always go to. So, we decided to give it a try. 

We can never say no to Vietnamese food. Never. 

Now that I think about it, I am craving for it now. G.

Not a very big shop.

Cafe Sua Da (Trung Bguyen Vietnamese Coffee Milk) - RM4.70
He says: My favourite! Anywhere, anytime!
She says: Pretty okay. Not too milky, not as strong as I thought it would be. 

Pho Bo (Beef Noodle) - RM10.70
He says: Just okay okay. Soup takda ohmmm!
She says: The soup is pretty sweet and lovely. The beef okay-okay amount. I think it tasted really normal and doesn't have much wow factor. 

Banh Mi Thit (Vietnamese Pork Sandwich) - RM10.70
He says: Banh mi! Could be better.. the pork is a bit too fat.
She says: I'm sorry but this one I really don't like. I love banh mi, but this one is just different. Bread is different. The roasted pork slice in there tasted fake? It's very plastic-ish and the whole piece is basically frozen fats, or at least it tasted like it la. Nope for me.

Ca Loc Kho Tieu (Snake Head Fish with Pepper) - RM15.70
He says: Like the sauce but overall doesn't suit my taste.
She says: Snake-fish hmm. Interesting. I have never had anything like this. The sauce of this dish is amazing! Too bad it's the dry kind. I cannot express how much I love the sauce. The fish has lots of tiny bones so gotta be careful with that. Overall, this one I love. 

Huong Que Vietnamese Restaurant at Lebuh Melaka.
Price: Expensive


His rating: 6/10
Her rating: 6/10

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Din Tai Fung Restaurant at Gurney Plaza.

"Sin jamban ho pangsai"

Direct translated from hokkien: New toilet very nice for pooping.

When this restaurant was first opened at Gurney Plaza, there were always long lines outside of the restaurant. Everytime when we were there, the lines just doesn't seem to get any shorter and mind you, we don't go there often so we don't really know how it's like during weekdays and stuff. 

We thought the phrase above was perfect to describe the whole crowding thing in front of Din Tai Fung. That and also we thought that the food here must be really good. 

And yes, we decided to give it a try. 

We were not gonna line up for 45 minutes for a meal so we decided to go during a weekday lunch time. We were wrong. There was a line, just not that insanely long. We waited a while and we got a corner table, very closely placed next to another couple. 

We opened the menu and thought that since this is our first time,we shall order their recommended items and maybe a few more dish that has the most delicious look-in-photo. 

Let's see how it goes, shall we?

Pork Xiao Long Bao
6 pieces - RM13.10
10 pieces - RM20.80

He says: Like this one. But tasted better ones before.. work it out Din Tai Fung!
She says: So overpriced for this kind of dumpling okay. Got 'soup' inside I know, but it tasted so normal ni. It's pretty normal la. Nothing to shout about. 

Spicy Shrimp & Pork Wonton
3 pieces - RM7.50
6 pieces - RM14.00
He says: Normal..  The spicy sauce is pretty good though!
She says: This one I like better than the xiao long bao. Also, really like the chilli, surprisingly though it's not as spicy as it seems. 

Hot & Sour Noodle Soup - RM18

He says: Could be the best dish of the night for me. Hot and sour at the same time =D
She says: I thought this was going to be mind-blowing amazing but I have tasted something similar at a hawker place in Penang. Hah. BUT the noodles are amazing! It's chewy and soft at the same time. Prolly one of the best textured noodle I've eaten. I think..

Shrimp & Pork Fried Rice - RM23.90

He says: High expectations but disappointing outcome. Could get a better fried rice at food courts!
She says: It is apparently highly recommended and chef's top pick something like that. Hmm. Let's see. All I tasted on this fried rice was the eggs. Yeah, I dare say I make better fried rice at home. This is very very disappointing. 

Stir-Fried Baby String Bean with Minced Pork - RM25.10

He says: Normal.. come on!
She says: Bleh. 

Din Tai Fung Restaurant at Gurney Plaza.
Price: Very expensive


His rating: 3/10
Her rating: 4/10